Capoeira in Swansea

Brazilian Martial Art

Home of Capoeira


Ylê in the language Yoruba means "home", we could translate Ilê de Capoeira as "the home of Capoeira", it suggests that you will find yourself at home in our group.

Ile de Capoeira makes use of Capoeira and its methods to encourage people, integrate and interact through motivating, educating and guiding its participants to develop a critical and creative opinion obout life and modern society. We always promote respect for people and their cultures.

As a Capoeira group, our aim is to understand, learn and preserve the traditions of Capoeira. The group has been working in Wales since 2003, we are extremely proud of our achievements and new members are always welcome!

What we do:

  • Capoeira Classes for all ages and levels
  • Kids classes in Schools
  • Batizados, Festivals and Workshops
  • Shows, Events and Parties
  • Music classes
  • Conditioning