Capoeira in Swansea

Brazilian Martial Art

Ilê de Capoeira Philosophy


Mestre Maxwel

Ilê de Capoeira aim to use Capoeira and its methods to encourage integration and interaction, with the aim of motivating, educating and guiding its participants to develop a critical and creative idea about life and society.

We  endeavour always to respect the differences between people and cultures, and to understand that this contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of everyone who is in contact with capoeira in some way or with someone who practices it. 

Our  aim is to understand, to learn about and to preserve the traditions of capoeira, by spending time with established Masters and their descendents, and by applying this knowledge to the present time

The Group  seek to incorporate new innovations, without undermining the traditions of capoeira.

Ile de Capoeira  aim to contribute to the development and expansion of capoeira in the world and to value and to stimulate world culture in general, hoping through this to contribute to unity and peace among different races and cultures.



Support Ile Cultural foundation a Charity that was created to help Mestres and diciples of capoeira