Capoeira in Swansea

Brazilian Martial Art

Ilê de Capoeira Grading


Mestre Maxwel

The essence of our grading system is a reflection of both the life of the African slaves transported to Brazil and the social-political and cultural beliefs of Afro-Brazilians.
The capoeira path is based on three distinct moments in the journey of a capoeira player (Capoeirista).
Our first corda is Blue. It was across the sea that Africans were first transported to Brazil, and as such Blue represents the beginning of our capoeira life. Beginners are like the currents of the sea, they are guided by powers that they don’t completely understand, and like currents, they are free to go anywhere. The corda colours for beginner levels in our system are Blue, Blue and Brown, Blue and Green and Blue and Yellow.
The second transition in a Capoeirista’s path is represented by Brown. When the Africans arrived in Brazil they were mainly sent to work as slaves on the land. Brown represents their migration from the water onto the land. Brown is grounded – the intermediate students who hold this colour know and understand the rules of Capoeira. They may be carried away, but it will by their own choice, and they are aware of potentialities, behaviour and politics of their actions.The corda colours for the intermediate levels are Brown, Brown and Green, Brown and Yellow.
The third transition is that of the Aluno Graduado (Old Student), represented by the colour Green.Green flourishes on earth and the forests became the place where the African slaves found their freedom. This is a big moment for the members of our group. Green is the last corda that everyone can get by training alone. From here, they may choose to become an Educator (Instructor or Senior member), following a didactic pathway, they will be prepared to teach. Alternatively, they may choose to be a Member - they remain involved and are invited to continue contributing, training, and strengthening the Ilê family.This pathway is for those who see capoeira as a hobby, play capoeira for fun, but they are aware of their responsibilities within the group. They are people who are integrated and involved with the group, but whose lives are destined for a different path than teaching capoeira.
The corda colours for Graduado student member will be Blue and Purple, Brown and Purple, Green and Purple, Yellow and Purple. 
For those who wish to continue and teach capoeira, after Green they will start a Capoeira course that will prepare them to teach. The corda colour to continue on this pathways is Green and Yellow.When a member decides to be an instructor, they will discover a new path, new levels, different responsibilities and new meanings for their cordas again.
Capoeira level Professor (Teacher).Yellow.

After a tree grows, a new process begins – the plant starts to blossom. Yellow represents the flowers at the beginning of their cycle. The Lei do Ventre Livre (Law of the free womb) was the beginning of the transformation that the slaves went through, where they born free but in many ways they could live freely.
Capoeira Level Contramestre - Purple.

Purple represents the next stage of the fruit. In capoeira, it is the moment where the Capoeirsta their own capoeira work growing. It is the moment where the instructor is able to make their own decisions - after a lot of hard work they are free! It is representative of the African slave's life in Brazil and the Law that gave freedom to slaves older than 60 years.
Capoeira level Mestre - Red.

Red represents the seed, the idea of being reborn. The golden law, that represents the idea of a new life, full of possibilities.



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